Apr 15, 2015

Rilakkuma Crochet Pattern

This cute little teddy bear pattern is available for free on The Yarn Mouse Blog.

Apr 4, 2015

Free elephant crochet pattern

This lovely elephant with rock and hairband is made by Karin. The free crochet pattern is available on her blog: www.amilovesgurumi.com

It's available in German and English

Free Teddy-Bear Pattern: Lil’ Classic Teddy

This cute little Teddy Bear is a free crochet pattern on www.littleyarnfriends.com

Check out the other free bear patterns in this directory.

Apr 3, 2015

The Reversible Expressions Animal Series

A cat, puppy and  bunny. All very cute. The pattern is Free on www.littleyarnfriends.com

Free Crochet Pattern: Lil’ Bunny Cupcake

A little bunny in a cupcake for Easter. This pattern is designed by Rachel and available on her blog: www.littleyarnfriends.com

Check out the other Easter patterns in this directory.

Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern: Lil’ Kino the Puppy

This cute puppy is a free crochet pattern. It's designed by Rachel and available on LittleYarnFriends.com

Crochet Pattern: Lil’ Baby Bear

This cute little baby (with a little bottle) is a free crochet pattern on littleyarnfriends.com

Free Crochet Pattern: Nyan Cat

If you look up Nyan Cat on Youtube...

It's a cat in a cake (or tart) which poo's rainbows and has it's own annoying/cute song. (Which lasts 10 hours)

You can see the video on Youtube. There is an iPad game as well.

The free crochet pattern is on www.littleyarnfriends.com

Two Monkeys: free crochet pattern

These cute monkeys are a free crochet pattern on the Jenny and Teddy craft blog.

Looking for Amigurumi Patterns

Happy Easter

I'd very much love to publish a crochet pattern book this Spring. I am in search of crochet pattern designers. You can be an experienced designer or just started this year. If you have a few patterns to show and like the idea:

Please contact me (Rob) on free.amigurumi.world@gmail.com

The book will be a collection of around 15 patterns. It will have a professional feel and design (Kawaii).

You will still be able to sell the same pattern as a PDF.

If you like your pattern in a book, don't hesitate to contact me. Enjoy your easter weekend break.


p.s: the Pink Little Lady above is from Sayjai and is a free pattern on her blog.